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IT Skills Without Offshore Hassles

Going offshore for IT lowers billable rate per resource, but it is never a comparable 1-to-1 for headcount. You always have to plan for a loss of productivity, and "buy more" than you would need locally. The off-hour, back-and-forth invariably leads to communication and quality problems as well, increasing your BA and QA costs. And, your necessary diligent oversight also increases management and supervision time. All these extra costs, while slowing the pace of deliverables, which may be the highest of these extra costs to your business. Your own in-house support team avoids these issues, if you can find the right people with the right skills, but these roles often face turnover and result in ongoing recruiting and training drains on your staff.

Socrasoft support teams lower your overall IT cost by improving time to market, lowering defects over offshore teams, and following a repeatable, documented process. We also plan for turnover, so we can keep these mission critical roles staffed. We recruit, supervise, and train these resources on an ongoing basis; lowering your overall IT department requirements for these roles. And you can purchase time in half FTE increments over varying durations, so that you can buy only what you need.

How much time and money will your company save?
Our Mission
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