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We Deliver IT Success

Onshore App Support

We cure offshore headaches:

  • Local, skilled resources for onsite work
  • Perfect for maintenance or deep support
  • No more early morning status/rework calls
  • Supervised throughout the engagement
  • Trained to be ready on day 1
  • Avoid recruiting for high turnover positions
  • Costs comparable to direct hiring
  • Lower total cost than offshore teams

These are a few of the skills that we provide:

Projects & Contracting

With over 20 years of experience as contractors at industry leading companies, we can deliver:

  • Fixed cost projects
  • Time and materials contracting
  • Internal staff or external help
  • Industry low markup with best bang-for-buck


Most companies are not huge fans of staffing agencies, and we aren't either. At best, they charge huge fees. At worst, they may cannibalize your staff. We aren't a traditional staffing agency. We're coders.
We provide candidates for 10% of 1st year salary, with no fee until the new hire is established.
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Our Mission
  1. Deliver lasting solutions at global value
  2. Develop people that can do this
  3. Allow for a good work-life balance
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